Out for a walk by the river, I noticed the unusual smell of pineapple. I looked down at my feet and noticed I had been scuffing tiny flowers. When I picked one of the plants and rubbed it between my fingers, sure enough, it smelled just like pineapple.

A friend told me once that her father would always pick wild chamomile, that it was his favourite kind of tea. I hadn’t realized just how abundant the plant is, nor how delicious the flavour is.

Wild chamomile is also known as pineappleweed (Matricaria discoidea), and can be found in many parts of North America and Northern Asia.

Making the tea is super easy.

Pick the tiny yellow (sometimes green) flower pods from the plant and put them directly into warm water to steep. If you would like to save the tea, then make sure it is dried well in the sun (or a low-temperature oven).

The chamomile plants can also grow as the more common white petal/yellow centre flowers, but the flavour is not as fruity.

Chamomile is typically used as a digestif or sleep aid, but the medical benefits include fighting inflammation and even cancer treatment.


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